Shiv Shankar Kumar

Assistant Professor

I obtained PhD degrees in Geotechnical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, in 2018. I am currently working as a Assistant Professor at the School of Civil Engineering, KIIT University, Orissa. My research interests include (1) soil dynamics, (2) earthquake geotechnical engineering, (3) ground response analysis and (4) ground improvement technique for liquefaction mitigation.

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Journals/Conferences :
1. Kumar, S.S., Dey, A. and Krishna, A.M. (2018) “Importance of Site-specific Dynamic Soil Properties for Seismic Ground Response Studies” International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 78-98.
2. Kumar, S.S., Krishna, A.M. and Dey, A., (2017) “Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of Sandy Soil at High Cyclic Strains” Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Vol. 97, pp. 157-167.
3. Kumar, S.S., Krishna, A.M. and Dey, A. (2017) “High Strain Dynamic Properties of Perfectly Dry and Saturated Cohesionless Soil” Indian Geotechnical Journal, DOI:
4. Basu, D., Dey, A. and Kumar, S.S. (2017) “One-dimensional Effective Stress Non-Masing Nonlinear Ground Response Analysis of IIT Guwahati” International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, 8, 1-27.
5. Kumar, D.P., Bhattacharya, S., Krishna, A.M., Kumar, S.S. and Dasgupta, K., (2017) “Scenario based Seismic Re-qualification of Caisson Supported major Bridges – A Case Study of Saraighat Bridge” Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 100, pp. 270-275