Sponsered Project/Patent/MoU

/Sponsered Project/Patent/MoU
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  • Alternative building material
  • Analytical approaches to flexible pavement design
  • Bearing capacity of shallow foundations
  • Bioremediation, Phytoremediation and Biodegradation of Xenobiotic compounds.
  • Comparative structural performance of wall panels
  • Creep behavior
  • Ferro – cement  concrete
  • Fiber reinforced concrete
  • GIS application
  • Ground improvement using advanced techniques
  • Ground water monitoring and enhance water use efficiency
  • Ground water pollution, air pollution
  • Industrial waste utilization
  • Performance analysis of flexible pavement
  • Reinforced earth
  • Seismic analysis & Design of Earth Quake Retaining structures
  • Traffic prediction through system dynamic approach
  • Utilization of dismantle waste building material
  • Utilization of industrial waste in geotechnical engineering
  • Water and Wastewater monitoring and treatment.