Name Specialization e-mail
Prof. Benu Gopal Mohapatra
Professor/ Dean
Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Bitanjaya Das Water Resources Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Bhagabat Jena Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Ashoke Kumar Rath Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Sanjib Moulick Environmental Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Purna Chandra Saha Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Pradeep Kumar Bhunya Water Resources Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Chinmay Kumar Kundu Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Jyotindra Nath Nanda Water Resources Engineering [email protected]
Prof.Kshyana Prava Samal Water Resource [email protected]
Prof. Dillip Kumar Bera Construction Engineering & Management [email protected]
Prof. Narayan Chandra Moharana Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Jyotiprakash Padhi Water Resource Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Asish Kumar Pani Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Bandita Paikaray Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Tribikram Mohanty Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof.Anil Kumar Dash Structural Engg [email protected]
Prof. Nabarun Dey Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Kritikanta Sahoo Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Paromita Chakrabory Water Resources Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Bhagyashree Panda Transportation Engineering [email protected]
Prof.Amit Kumar Sharma Environmental Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Rana Chattaraj Geotech [email protected]
Prof. Dudam Bharath Kumar Environmental [email protected]
Prof. Prasanta Roy Geotech [email protected]
Prof. Prateeksha Mahamallik Environmental [email protected]
Prof. Rohan Kar Water Resources Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Aditya Kumar Das Geotechnical Engineering  [email protected]
Prof. Susanta Banerjee Structural Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Preetynanda Nanda Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Satya Ranjan Samal Transportation Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Nazia Tazin Imran Transportation Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Lalima Banerjee Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Ejjada Meena Environmental Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Ansel Jose Geotechnical Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Kothapalli Venkata Naveen Kumar Earthquake Engineering [email protected]
Prof. Sananda Sarkar Engineering Geo Science [email protected]
Prof.Jagori Dutta Geotechnical Engg [email protected]
Prof. Mohibullah Construction Management [email protected]
Prof. Himanshu Sekhar Panda Structure [email protected]
Prof. Sunny Jaiswal Structure [email protected]
Prof. Purna Sagar Adhikari Water Resource [email protected]
Prof. Rachita Panda Transportation [email protected]
Prof. Sitam Suvam Jena Water Resources [email protected]
Prof. Neha Nasreen Geotech [email protected]
Prof. Ipsita Panda Geotech [email protected]
Prof. Ipsita Mohanty Structure [email protected]
Prof. Prabhakar Kumar Geotech [email protected]
Prof. Sushree Sangeeta Panda Structural [email protected]
Prof. Kalpana Sahoo Transportation [email protected]
Prof. Sourav Das Structure [email protected]
Prof. Soham Dey
Ms.Aparupa Pani Geotech [email protected]
Mr.Gaurav Udgata Structure [email protected]
Ms. Asheena Sunny Structure [email protected]
Ms. Chinmayee Chetna Construction Management [email protected]