Amit Kumar Das

Assistant Professor

Amit Kumar Das has completed his M. Tech in Transportation Engineering (Civil Engineering). His area if interest is Traffic Engineering - Traffic flow modelling

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Research Interests
Transportation Engineering
Journals/Conferences :
Das, A. K., and U. Chattaraj. "Heterogeneous Traffic Simulation for Urban Streets Using Cellular Automata." Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2019): 1-15.

Das, A. K., and U. Chattaraj. œWork Zone Traffic Simulation using Cellular Automata.  EUROPEAN TRANSPORT-TRASPORTI (2019) (accepted for publication)

Das, A. K., and P. K. Bhuyan. "Level of Service criteria of urban streets using Clustering Large Application (CLARA)." Advances in Transportation Studies 32 (2014).

Chattaraj, U., D. Kahali, and A. K. Das. "Studies on Impacts of Gender Mix on Pedestrian Fundamental Diagram." EUROPEAN TRANSPORT-TRASPORTI EUROPEI 65 (2017).

Das, A. K., and P. K. Bhuyan. "Hardcl method for defining los criteria of urban streets." International Journal of Civil Engineering 15.7 (2017): 1077-1086.

Das, A. K., and P. K. Bhuyan. "Self-Organizing Tree Algorithm (SOTA) Clustering for Defining Level of Service (LOS) Criteria of Urban Streets." Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering 47.4 (2019): 309-317.