Kshyana Prava Samal

Associate Professor

Dr.Kshyana Prava Samal has 8 Years of teaching experience .Out of that she has worked as Assistant Professor for 3 Years and Associate professor for 3 years In Dr.Pauls Engineering college,Tamilnadu (affiliated to Anna University Chennai). She has undergone the Training of High Impact Teaching Skills Conducted by WIPRO under "Mission 10x" Program.Her research expertise is on Irrigation Management and Ground water.She is also having research interest on Alternative building materials, soil Stabilization and Cost optimization in construction.

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Journals/Conferences :
1. Ariz Ahsan,K.P.Samal & Aditya Divyadarshi. "Cost optimization in Building Construction by Comparing Various Materials in Brickwork. " IACCM 2018-NICMAR Hyderabad July 27th &28th -2018.
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