Kundan Samal

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kundan Samal joined KIIT-DU in 2018 as Assistant Professor and has been involved in various teaching and research activity. He earned his M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Now he is pursuing PhD in Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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Journals/Conferences :
1. Samal, K., Dash, R.R., Bhunia, P. (2018). Design and development of a hybrid macrophyte assisted vermifilter for the treatment of dairy wastewater: A statistical and kinetic modelling approach. Science of The Total Environment, 645, 156-169.
2. Samal, K., Dash, R.R., Bhunia, P. (2018). A comparative study of macrophytes influence on performance of hybrid vermifilter for dairy wastewater treatment. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6, 4714-4726.
3. Samal, K., Dash, R.R., Bhunia, P. (2018). Effect of hydraulic loading rate and pollutants degradation kinetics in two stage hybrid macrophyte assisted vermifiltration system. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 132, 47-59.
4. Samal, K., Dash, R.R., Bhunia, P. (2017). Performance assessment of a Canna indica assisted vermifilter for synthetic dairy wastewater treatment. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 111, 363-374.
5. Samal, K., Dash, R.R., Bhunia, P. (2017). Treatment of wastewater by vermifiltration integrated with macrophyte filter: A review. Journal of environmental chemical engineering, 5, 2274-2289.