Faculty Incharge

Prof. Kshyana Prava Samal
Contact Details- 7326996764

Student Coordinator

1. Shashank Mishra, Coordinator, Contact No:7788990804
2. Kasorina Gulati, Coordinator,  Contact no:9938339214
3. Yash Raj, Asst Coordinator, Contact No-7762862038
4. Siddharth Kumar,   Asst Coordinator, Contact No :7321959595

KIIT School of Civil Engineering” (KSCE) is a Student Society under KSAC. The society aims to provide a platform for the students to think, reflect and wonder about the phenomena involved in civil engineering.

Most students generally lose their interest in engineering and focus on grades during their studies. This Society desires to reinforce the knowledge and excitement they attained in their classes through interesting activities. The students would expose themselves to different areas of civil engineering and also engage in teamwork learning and helping others.

The society also contributes its ideas to the students and organizes many events in the institute, which includes both live and online events.

Unlike other societies, this society produces a whole separate constitution for its society members. The rules and regulations mentioned in the constitution are strictly abided by the members. The Constitution aims at establishing standard procedures and code of conduct to be followed in the Society, emphasizing the major values that the society embodies and to establish continuity in the functioning of Society from year to year. The Constitution shall be guiding spirit for the Society and its members in its functioning.

So through this page Society KSCE appeals to all those enthusiastic students and engineers to take part in the activities related to civil engineering and help the society in the development of engineering and technology.

There are four technical student chapters under the umbrella of KSCE.